Antitrust Litigation

Wexler Wallace has been a leader in private antitrust enforcement, bringing a wide variety of class action cases to state and federal courts.

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Mass Tort Litigation

Our firm investigates and aggressively pursues mass tort claims that promote changes intended to benefit the public.

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Business & Commercial Litigation

Our attorneys represent businesses throughout the country in complex commercial litigation ranging from breach of contract claims to business torts.

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Securities & Corporate Governance

Wexler Wallace has committed its resources to helping pension plans, governments and others in need to recover lost assets.

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Healthcare Litigation

We are leading actions across the country, challenging wide-ranging fraudulent and unfair conduct in the healthcare industry that contributes to higher prices.

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Consumer Protection

Wexler Wallace prosecutes consumer protection claims on behalf of both businesses and individuals in state and federal courts throughout the country.

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Whistleblower-False Claims Litigation

We are committed to seeing companies and individuals held responsible for their actions that involve fraud against the government and representing private citizens who expose the fraud.

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Government Representation

Our firm represents governments when they are victims of securities and healthcare frauds, working to recover the funds taken from them.

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Employment Litigation

Wexler Wallace strives to achieve settlements that improve working conditions and expand opportunities for employees going forward.

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