CFPB Study Confirms Arbitration Clauses Do Not Benefit Consumers

If you ask a company representative if they think arbitration clauses are harmful to consumers, more than likely, they will…

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Bifurcated Discovery in Class Actions: Two Reasons Why it Doesn’t Work

A common weapon in class action defendants’ arsenals is the motion to “bifurcate” discovery, splitting the process into two phases:…

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Does Your Pension Benefit Fund Trustee Have A Duty To Litigate?

Your pension benefit fund trustee may be aware of valuable potential claims against companies whose conduct has resulted in significant…

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Former Colonial Bank Exec Admits Role in Fraud Scheme

Catherine Kissick, former senior vice president at Colonial Bank, pleaded guilty to a conspiracy that defrauded about $970 million from…

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Supreme Court Should Tread Carefully In Case Regarding Fiduciary Exception to Attorney-Client Privilege

On April 20, 2011, the United States Supreme Court will hear arguments in United States v. Jicarilla Apache Nation, a…

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