Tipping the Scales of Justice

It’s becoming increasingly more difficult (it seems by the day) to seek redress for wrongs through the judicial system.  Litigants…

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Connecticut Medicaid No Longer Covering Essure Birth Control

Over the past few years, Bayer has been pulling their Essure permanent birth control devices off the market in countries…

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Aspirin Just as Effective as Xarelto for Preventing Clots after Hip, Knee Surgery Study Shows

One way pharmaceutical companies justify expensive and potentially dangerous drugs is that they fulfill a need that no other product…

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A Student Fights for Fairness

“The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.”

— Martin Luther King, Jr.

Dr. King’s quotation seems…

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Amazon Facial Recognition Tech has Privacy Advocates Worried


Amazon revolutionized the way people shop online and built a multi-billion dollar empire out of providing fast, convenient service. And…

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Illinois Talcum Powder Plaintiffs Can Stay in Cook County

A Chicago federal judge recently granted victory for five Chicago talcum powder plaintiffs with claims against Johnson & Johnson that…

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60 Minutes Takes on Gynecological Mesh

Gynecological mesh (also referred to as pelvic mesh) has become a massive threat to women’s health. Over 100,000 women are…

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Thousands of Android Apps are Illegally Tracking Children

“Never tell your real name to anyone on the Internet.” If you were old enough to experience the…

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Changes to Tip Pooling Rule Could Cost Workers Billions

Critics of President Trump have long maintained that his administration’s goal is to undo most of the legislative progress made…

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FDA Orders “Unique” Restriction on Essure

Essure, the permanent birth control device made by Bayer, has come under serious scrutiny in recent years. Concerns over safety…

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