Rearranging Chairs on the Titanic: How the Media Blew the Story of Trump v Bannon

Donald Trump hates all media that criticize or disagree with him. This is so very dangerous, for it is not…

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The Conundrum Facing Us

What the Democrats in the Senate should do about Judge Gorsuch is truly a dilemma.  The failure to hold hearings…

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Love Will Always Win

I woke up earlier than expected Sunday morning. My phone was buzzing with a notification sound I had never heard…

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Who’s Unpatriotic Now?

It seems to be well-established by Donald Trump himself that he is an unapologetic racist, misogynist, divisive, self-aggrandizing narcissist with…

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Ascertainability, Injury and the Upside-down View of Class Actions

Class actions are a procedural device enabling courts to handle large numbers of similar claims efficiently and economically. The procedural…

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Three Equal Branches of Government – Sort of

I have a poor excuse for not blogging for a long time — there have been so many issues to…

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The Republican State of Mind: It Only Matters If It Happens to Me

Illinois Senator Mark Kirk suffered a stroke about a year ago.  He is only 53 years old, was an active…

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Dodd-Frank Two Years Later, Part I

I spoke recently at the annual conference of the National Association of State Treasurers (“NAST”).  The panel I was on…

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Traditional and New Media in Class Action Notice: The State of Play

The following is a guest blog post by Shannon Wheatman of Kinsella Media.

As the Internet is increasingly used for communication,…

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Disappearing Cases

The following is a guest post by F. Paul Bland, Jr., a Senior Attorney for Public Justice.

This probably won’t shock…

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