Apple is at the center of an app store antitrust lawsuit

Apple App Store Antitrust Case Could Have Major Impact on Future Litigation

The Wexler Wallace blog offers detailed insights, updates and commentary on current events related to class action and multidistrict lawsuits…

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Watching What You Eat: Why Foodborne Illnesses are Rising

If you happened to order a Caesar salad in a restaurant recently, you may have been surprised to find a…

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Fast Food Non-Compete Clauses Hurt Employees

Fast food restaurants are everywhere, and provide thousands of jobs to workers who often have little to no other employment…

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Despite Warnings, FDA Approves New Opioid 10 Times Stronger than Fentanyl

At a time when opioid-related overdoses kill more Americans each year than gun violence or auto accidents, many are imploring…

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Lake County Facilities Emit the Same Cancer-Causing Chemicals as Sterigenics

Within the past two months, Chicago residents were horrified to find out a Sterigenics factory was polluting the Willowbrook area…

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What is a State of the Art Product and What are the Implications in Product Liability Law?

In product liability design defect cases, the key question is whether the design specifications of a given product create an…

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The Hidden Danger of Dietary Supplements

Whether you want to lose weight, bulk up, or perform better in the bedroom, there is no shortage of dietary…

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5 Doctors Charged with Running Illegal Opioid Pill Mills

As America’s opioid epidemic worsens, law enforcement and health officials have been looking for ways to curb this deadly threat.…

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Report: Heartburn Drugs Linked to Kidney Damage

Chronic heartburn sufferers know how severe and uncomfortable the condition can be, with symptoms that can make eating, sleeping, and…

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Another Lawyer Hero

In some stories, it is easy to identify the hero.

In the New York Times bestseller, The Radium Girls, author Kate…

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EPA to Test Willowbrook Air Quality Following Congressional Action

Amid public outcry from residents concerned that a known carcinogen has potentially been polluting the air in Willowbrook for decades,…

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