New Study Shows Link Between Talcum Powder Use and Ovarian Cancer

A study published in the European Journal of Cancer Prevention on January 11, 2017 found a small, but statistically significant,…

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RICO Lawsuit Alleging State Farm Bankrolled Illinois Judge Gains Class Action Status

On September 16, 2016 an Illinois federal judge certified a class of State Farm policyholders who had filed a Racketeer…

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Generic Drug Labeling: FDA Provides Guidance For Label Updates

Just over five years ago, in June 2011, the U.S. Supreme Court decided PLIVA, Inc. v. Mensing,[1] a case which…

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New Rules for Clinical Trial Transparency: Did the NIH and FDA Provide a Solution or Merely Identify a Problem?

Clinical trials—or the lack thereof—often play a central role in cases involving dangerous drugs and medical devices. If and when…

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Who’s the Manufacturer? 3-D Printing Implications for Product Liability Law

3-D printing—the process of making a three-dimensional solid object of virtually any shape from a virtual computer model—is quickly becoming…

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