For-Profit College Company Faces Whistleblower Suit for Fraud

Two whistleblowers, Lynntoya Washington and Michael Mahoney, filed a lawsuit against Education Management Corp. on basis of fraud, and the Justice Department along…

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Katrina Hospital to Pay $25 Million for Class Action Settlement

The wait was long, but people who suffered from unsafe hospital conditions during Hurricane Katrina will finally receive compensation. A…

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Toys “R” Us Violates FTC Agreement and Pays $1.3M Fine

Toys “R” Us will be paying a $1.3 million penalty to the Federal Trade Commission on allegations that the company…

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Minimum Wage Class Action Case Against Pizza Hut Franchisee

A U.S. District Judge has certified a class of pizza delivery drivers under the Fair Labor Standards Act. Drivers employed at…

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Sirius XM Radio Alleged Antitrust Violations

Sirius XM Radio faces a class action claim that it violates antitrust laws. Before Sirius merged with its only competitor…

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Women File Class Action Against Bayer for Gender Discrimination

It looks like Wal-Mart isn’t the only company under fire for engaging in discrimination against its female employees. Recently, 6…

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Pet Recall Boosts Pet Food Safety

Retailers are working hard to ensure safety, thanks to the largest pet food recall in history that happened 4 years…

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Clearwire Faces Internet Throttling Lawsuit

Fifteen customers have sued Clearwire for allegedly throttling their Internet connection speeds.

Clearwire’s website previously advertised its unlimited data usage:

Usage is…

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Former Colonial Bank Exec Admits Role in Fraud Scheme

Catherine Kissick, former senior vice president at Colonial Bank, pleaded guilty to a conspiracy that defrauded about $970 million from…

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Hospitals Agree to Settle Lawsuit Over Patient Deaths Following Katrina

Tenet Healthcare has agreed to settle a class action lawsuit over patient deaths at  a subsidiary New Orleans Hospital –…

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