Investors may suffer major losses due to the fraudulent practices of the world’s corporations, nationally and abroad. Victims include not just individuals, but also endowments, universities, pension plans, family offices, and state and local governments as well. Shareholders are all persons and entities attempting through their investments to safeguard their principal while earning a rate of return to increase their wealth and, most importantly, enhance the financial well-being of their beneficiaries. In recent years, a number of unlawful schemes have been exposed and others will undoubtedly rise to the surface as appropriate scrutiny is increasingly applied.

Wexler Wallace is committed to recovering damages for defrauded investors and ensuring that all investors, whether large institutions or private individuals, have access to important, accurate facts that affect decisions about their investments. Thus the firm has pursued cases where companies have failed to provide material information or have misled investors. We are also dedicated to protecting employees whose retirement investments were mismanaged or lost by those engaged in ERISA prohibited transactions with retirement plan assets.

If you believe that you have a claim as a shareholder, contact us.

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