Government Entities

Governments – state, local, and federal – pay for healthcare and buy goods and services.   Their pension funds invest money for the benefit of government employees in stocks, bonds and other vehicles intended to protect the retirements of workers whose livelihoods are directed to public service.   Governments and their units are therefore often victimized by the same kinds of fraudulent and unethical conduct experienced by businesses and individuals in the private sector.

Wexler Wallace firmly believes that government officials have not only the right, but also the responsibility, to attempt to recover funds wrongfully taken from the government.  In large part, these funds belong to their constituents – the tax payers.  Thus, whether Medicare or Medicare fraud, securities fraud, or breaches of fiduciary duty in the handling of government funds and debt are involved, Wexler Wallace stands ready, as it has, to represent government entities and help them recover assets unlawfully taken from them.

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