Government Representation

Wexler Wallace helps governments and their units recover the funds taken from them through the unlawful conduct of others.  Ultimately, those funds belong to taxpayers, who are the intended beneficiaries of government services.  Wexler Wallace thus believes that government officials have not only the right, but also the obligation, to try to recover the wrongfully taken assets of their constituents.

Our state, local and federal governments are often victims of the same securities and healthcare frauds that are inflicted on businesses and individuals in the private sector. The government is an insurer through Medicare or Medicaid, and therefore overpays when brand name pharmaceutical manufacturers unlawfully suppress generic competition for their drugs.  Similarly, through its treasuries and pension plans, the government is an investor.  Thus, when false and misleading statements are issued by public companies, it is subject to the same securities fraud damages as are private investors.  Governments are also owed fiduciary duties in certain circumstances, and are parties to contracts that involve many millions of dollars.  When there are breaches, the government can suffer significant damages.

Wexler Wallace monitors Requests for Proposals (“RFPs”) from governments seeking legal services.  The firm responds to RFPs when the services requested correspond to the firm’s practice areas.

Government Representation cases

The Village of Maywood, Illinois v. Unison-Maximus, Inc., Hill Taylor & Company, LLC, et al.
Wexler Wallace pursued this action on behalf of a municipality against its management consulting and accounting firm as well as its auditors. The municipality asserted that the management consulting and accounting firm, which had been hired to run the Village’s Finance Department, failed to fulfill its duties by, among other things, failing to keep a detailed general ledger of the Village’s finances over a multi-year period. The Village alleged that its auditor wrongfully failed to notify the Village that the financial statements prepared by the management consulting and accounting firm were unreliable, leading to decisions affecting the economic viability of the Village. The parties ultimately entered into a confidential settlement that completely resolved the litigation. Read more.

McKesson Public Payor Cases

Government payors were excluded from the $350,000,000 settlement with McKesson Corp. in which Wexler Wallace was Co-Lead Counsel. In May 2009, Wexler Wallace, together with co-counsel, initiated a lawsuit in the District of Massachusetts on behalf of Oakland County and the city of Sterling Heights, Michigan against McKesson for wrongfully increasing the so-called WAC to AWP markup factor.

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