Consumer Protection

Wexler Wallace is a national leader in prosecuting consumer protection claims on behalf of both businesses and individuals in state and federal courts throughout the country. We have successfully prosecuted cases involving, but not limited to:

  • improper Internet “lead generation” practices
  • unfair billing practices of telecommunications companies
  • mislabeling of dietary supplements
  • the sale of defective drugs and household appliances
  • unfair payment of policies of health insurance companies
  • false advertising by Internet service providers
  • deceptive practices of social networking sites
  • unlawful debt reduction scams

If you believe you or your business has been harmed by an unfair or fraudulent business practice, please contact us.

Consumer Protection cases

Sharma v. BMW of North America, LLC
Wexler Wallace LLP, along with co-counsel, represents a class of California Plaintiffs who allege there is design defect in certain BMW models that leaves electrical components located in the cars’ trunk prone to water damage. The complaint states that BMW’s X5, X3, and 5-series vehicles were designed with electrical components located in the lowest part of the car’s trunk. The drainage system for the cars’ sunroof is located directly next to that electrical equipment at the bottom of the trunk. Due to the nature of the drain tubes’ design, they are prone to become clogged with dirt, debris, and leaves, causing them to leak water into the trunk and damage the components. One named plaintiff alleges her car became inoperable while she was driving on the highway due to this design defect. Read more.

Roberts v. Electrolux Home Products, Inc.
Wexler Wallace, along with co-counsel Hansen Reynolds Dickinson Crueger LLC and Greg Coleman Law PC, was appointed interim co-lead counsel in this nationwide product liability class action against Electrolux Home Products, Inc. The lawsuit seeks relief on behalf of a nationwide class of consumers who purchased allegedly dangerous and defective clothes dryers from Electrolux marketed under a variety of brands, including Electrolux, Frigidaire, and Kenmore. Plaintiffs allege that the design, which allows lint to accumulate next to the heat source, has caused thousands of dryer fires throughout the United States, and that fires are made more dangerous by Electrolux’s use of flammable plastic parts. Read more.

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