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Prograf Litigation -- Plumbers and Pipefitters Local 572 v. Astellas Pharma US, Inc.

Court: U.S. Circuit Court for the District of Massachusetts
Case No.: 1:11-cv-11870

Wexler Wallace, together with co-counsel Branstetter Stranch & Jennings PLLC, filed a class action lawsuit against Astellas Pharma US, Inc. seeking damages and equitable relief under federal antitrust law and state antitrust and consumer fraud statutes for consumers and third-party payors (“Indirect Purchasers”) who have been forced to pay higher prices for Prograf, and its generic equivalents, due to Astellas’ anticompetitive conduct.

Defendant is the manufacturer of Prograf, a drug with immunosuppressive properties that is commonly used to prevent organ rejection in patients who have received heart, kidney, or liver transplants.  The complaint alleges that Defendant filed a baseless Citizen Petition with the FDA in order to delay generic competition in the market for Prograf.

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On June 10, 2014, the Honorable Judge Rya W. Zobel denied in part and allowed in part Defendant’s summary judgment motions.  The Court simultaneously certified a class of indirect purchasers for trial on liability issues.  The final pretrial conference is scheduled for December 4, 2014 with trial to begin on January 12, 2015.