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Niaspan Antitrust Litigation

Court:  United States District Court, Eastern District of Pennsylvania
Case No.:  13-md-2460
Leadership Position: Interim Co-Lead Counsel

Wexler Wallace LLP is one of the Co-Lead Counsel for the plaintiffs in an antitrust class action case against AbbVie Inc. and Teva Pharmaceuticals USA Inc. (and their related companies) on behalf of End-Payors who purchased the cholesterol drug Niaspan. The plaintiffs allege that AbbVie and Teva (and their predecessors) agreed among themselves to keep a generic version of Niaspan off the market for more than eight years. The plaintiffs have alleged that the defendants’ conduct caused consumers and drug benefit plans to pay more for Niaspan than they otherwise would have paid.

For a copy of the Consolidated End-Payors Complaint, click here.