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Extended Stay Residency Litigation -- Soroka v. Extended Stay, Inc. et al.

Court: United States District Court of Eastern District of California
Case No.:

Wexler Wallace filed a class action complaint alleging that Extended Stay Hotels sought to avoid the landlord-tenant laws of California by requiring long term residents to sign new “leases” 29 days and 20 hours into their tenancy.  By doing this, Extended Stay Hotels prevented its long term residents from obtaining the rights tenants have under California law, rights which would vest after a 30-day tenancy.

The Plaintiff had lived at Extended Stay for over 5 years and was subjected to dozens of lockouts without being offered the protections of California Law. In addition to damages, the suit sought relief on behalf of a putative class of long-term residents who were subject to repeated and unlawful lockouts by Extended Stay after failing to pay rent or re-register under the lodging agreement.

After the U.S. District Court denied the defendants’ motion to dismiss, the case settled.