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Dimov v. Sloan Valve Company

Court: United States District Court, Northern District of Illinois
Case No: 12-cv-09700

Together with co-counsel, Wexler Wallace LLP filed a class action complaint in the Northern District of Illinois against Sloan Valve Company (“Sloan”) for design and manufacturing defects associated with its Series 503 Flushmate III Pressure-Assist Flushing Systems (“Flushmate System”). Plaintiffs bring the action on behalf of all Illinois, Missouri, and Connecticut owners of the Flushmate System, and allege that the system contains defective vessels prone to weld separation and leaks. The leaks cause the Flushmate System to burst at or near the vessel welds, releasing stored pressure. In the worst cases, Plaintiffs allege, the pressure can lift the toilet lid and shatter the tank, posing impact or laceration hazards to consumers.

Plaintiffs allege that although Sloan offered a repair kit for the Flushmate System, the repair kit is inadequate, and Sloan failed to inform consumers of the risk that the Flushmate System would leak, separate at the weld joints, or release pressure and cause the toilet tank to shatter.

To view a copy of the complaint, please click here.