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CVS Prescription Record Litigation -- Ortiz v. CVS Pharmacy, Inc. et al.

Court: United States District Court for the Central District of California
Case No.

Wexler Wallace filed this class action on behalf of California consumers who were charged excessive fees by CVS Pharmacy for copies and/or searches of their prescription drug records.  Despite California and federal laws that require CVS make prescription records available to patients and charge them reasonable, cost-based fees for inspecting, copying and retrieving such records, CVS has implemented a common practice of charging its customers excessive fees ranging from $35 to $50, charging such fees when no prescription records are ultimately provided.

California law defines reasonable copying costs as $0.10 per page and clerical costs to $4 for every quarter of an hour spent locating and making records available to the customer. In addition, fees may not exceed $15 if the prescription record is delivered to the customer’s attorney or the attorney’s representative.

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